Nina L. Miller, PhD





Description of Practice/Services Offered

I have a private practice for adults of all ages.  I use psychotherapy to treat anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and identity issues, relationship conflicts, and difficulties adjusting to life transitions, e.g. becoming a new mom or changes in work.  The psychotherapy that I provide integrates theory and techniques from cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal and psychoanalytic approaches.  It is supportive and individualized.  I help you to examine current coping strategies, identify any relationship pitfalls, address thoughts or beliefs that are getting in your way, explore the influence of your past, and clarify options that you have.  The therapy often helps to reduce distress from a particular symptom or situation, and to build new skills managing emotions, communicating in relationships, and experiencing greater satisfaction and self-acceptance.

Areas of Research

I have been involved in studies of interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), a focused, pragmatic, and empirically-supported approach to the treatment of depression and other disorders.  In psychotherapy efficacy studies at Cornell and Columbia University Medical Centers, I provided IPT to patients with chronic depression, alcohol abuse secondary to depression, social phobia, panic disorder, depression during pregnancy, as well as group IPT to adolescents with depression.

Professional Education

B.A. Yale University, psychology, cum laude
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Adelphi University

Internship Training
St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Medical Center

Credentials/Board Certification

New York State Licensed Psychologist


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Office Hours: Monday-Thursday

Insurances Accepted/Managed Care Accepted: Self-pay